Embedded PC series CX9000, CX9010

Embedded PC series CX9000, CX9010

The CX9000 and CX9010 Embedded PCs offer a compact and high-performance yet cost-effective PLC and Motion Control system for DIN rail installation. Within the Beckhoff control world, they are positioned between the Bus Terminal Controller series BX and the Embedded PC CX1010.

The main feature of these units is the energy-saving Intel® IXP420 CPU with XScale® technology and the Microsoft Windows CE operating system.

Two controllers with different processors are available:

CX9010: Intel® IXP420 with XScale® technology, 533 MHz

CX9000: Intel® IXP420 with XScale® technology, 266 MHz

They thus offer adequate computing capacity even for complex automation tasks. The CX9000 family requires no external storage media – the device boots the operating system from the internal flash. Due to the low power consumption, within the specified operating range no fan is required. The CX9000/CX9010 Embedded PCs require no rotating components. As usual for the CX series, the device features a modular mechanical design. In its basic configuration, the compact device only measures 58 x 100 x 91 mm.

The CX9000/CX9010 controllers are available in two versions: with K-bus for direct connection of Bus Terminals and as an E-bus version for direct connection of EtherCAT Terminals.

  • CX9000-0000: Embedded PC with integrated EtherCAT Terminal interface (E-bus)
  • CX9010-0000: Embedded PC with integrated EtherCAT Terminal interface (E-bus)
  • CX9000-1000: Embedded PC with integrated Bus Terminal interface (K-bus)
  • CX9010-1000: Embedded PC with integrated Bus Terminal interface (K-bus)

In the basic configuration, two RJ 45 sockets that are internally connected to an integrated switch are available as interfaces. This simplifies wiring of several CX9000/CX9010 within a line topology. No separate switch hardware is required. The two externally accessible Ethernet ports are independent of the EtherCAT interface, which is served by a second MAC (Media Access Controller) provided by the CPU.

Further interfaces may be added ex factory as required: a screen display can be realised using a CX90x0-N010 device, i.e. a module combining DVI/VGA + 2 x USB 2.0. Because of the combination of DVI and USB, all types of Beckhoff Control Panels with DVI/USB interface can be used. Touch functionality is connected via USB. As further optional interfaces, two RS232 modules or two RS422/RS485 modules can be configured as COM1 and COM2. All serial interfaces are opto-decoupled. Mass storage in form of a Compact Flash card can be used via the CX9000-A001 module, which offers physical storage capacity in the range of several gigabytes.

Like for all Beckhoff controllers, TwinCAT is used for programming the Embedded PCs as an automation device. The device itself contains the run-time environment for PLC (CX9000/CX9010) and Motion Control (CX9010). One of the two Ethernet interfaces is used as programming interface.

Microsoft Windows CE enables the creation of fully graphic user programs, which are able to satisfy high expectations thanks to the graphics chip integrated in the CX9000/CX9010. The result is a compact Ethernet controller that enables short I/O cycle times in conjunction with EtherCAT Terminals and offers high-performance software in the form of Windows CE and TwinCAT.