Signals for The World of Automation

Proximity Sensors

  • Inductive type
    It is the right technical and commercial solution in 99% of all applications, for the accurate, non-contact detection of metallic objects for ranges up to 50mm.
  • Capacitive type
    Detect metal objects as well as nearly all other materials and are used in various applications including level and flow control.

Photoelectric Sensors

Used for non-contact, detection, positioning, classification or counting of the most varied objects:

  • Colour or contrast identification sensors.
  • Light scanners with exact background suppression.
  • Glass and plastic fibre light guides.
  • Sensors applying laser technology.
  • Devices with casings made of plastics or metal.

Ultrasonic Sensors

The ideal solution for the non-contact position and distance measurement in all industrial areas where environmental conditions such as dust, smoke or steam may effect the sensors. It has proven it’s reliability in wood and furniture industry, construction materials industry, farming equipment and in level control applications.

Safety-light Sensors

Pepperl+Fuchs offers high quality, individual safety light sensor to multibeam machine protection, whether finger guard, hand guard, or body protection for a wide range of different applications in machine and installation equipment.

Light Grids

It is becoming more and more important in actory automation. They are preferable used in the cases where the through-beam detection is not sufficient anymore.

LEDS, Counters, Speed Monitors

Offers a wide range of counting to speed monitoring products for process control and display of parameters directly on site.

Rotary Encoders

It is necessary in all applications involving the determination of such values as rotation rate, speed, acceleration and course. Explosion proof, intrinsically safe and bus compatible (AS-Interface, PROFIBUS, SSI or Interbus) rotary encoders.

  • Incremental Type, produce a specific number of electrical signals per shaft rotation.
  • Absolute Type, produce a definite, coded numerical value for each shaft position.

Identification Systems

The use of automatic object identification has increased over last few years in almost all industries. It provides information on products, goods and personnel and links data and material flow.

  • Rugged design, resistant to disruptive environmental conditions, increased reliability.

It is a cost effective sensor-actuator bus for the lowest field level. AS-Interface line offers:

  • Master and Gateways.
  • Modules for use in enclosures.
  • Field modules.
  • Intelligent modules for intelligent solutions.
  • Sensors with integrated AS-Interface chips.
  • Coupling modules for the Ex-area.
  • Power units and repeaters