Din Rail Mount Modular Terminal Blocks, Markings and Mounting Tools, Ferrules.
In 1928, Phoenix Contact produced the first conventional modular terminal block and since then has been proving its strength, reliability and versatility in millions of applications, day in, day out. Phoenix Contact offers the most comprehensive line of DIN-rail mounted products to choose from, featuring an array of termination methods that save time, space and money. From the terminal block through assembly material and practical tools to the complete PC-supported configuration and making system, you will find everything required for the perfect control cabinet. For tasks that require customized and high-grade electric connection solutions, Phoenix Contact offers three connection systems – screw, spring-cage and fast connection for every application.


Industrial Connectors for Data, signals,power cables, optical fibers and pneumatic lines.
For you as a control cabinet or device manufacturer, it is a challenge to save even more time and money during system installations. As I/O has become more decentralized and sophisticated, the need for industrial connectors has also changed. The PLUSCON product line offers an impressive variety of solutions for every application.

Allows you to connect round cables in 10 seconds without any special tools.

Industrial signal and data connectors with push-pull locking.

A connector system which enables contact inserts for power, signal and fiber optic connections to be combined in one male connector with metal or plastic housing.

The proven connection of power and control lines for use in harsh industrial environments.

Sensor/Actuator Wiring
A comprehensive range of cables and distributor boxes which makes wiring in the field much easier.

M 23 Round Connectors
The complete spectrum of products from CONINVERS, a member of the Phoenix Contact Group.