Product Highlight

NV Series Programmable Terminal

altCompact (3-inch model) and simple to use. Low cost, high performance. Superior PLC compatibility.


ZN-PD-S Air Particle Sensor

Cost effective Air Particle Sensor with wide range measurement size, from particle to dust. Particle measurement type (0.3 to 1-micron); Dust measurement type (5 to 50-micron).


S8JX-G Switch Mode Power Supply


Low-profile, cost-effective, easy-mounting Power Supply ranging from 14 to 600 W to help reduce panel depth.


altG7S Safety Relay with Forcibly Guided Contacts
Safety Relay conforming to EN standard and CE Marking. Helps avoid hazardous machine status when used as part of an interlocking circuit.


V680   RFID System

New next-generation RFID Systems with ISO/IEC 18000-3 (ISO/IEC15693) compliance. High-speed, 27-kbps transmission response-only speed of 53 kbps from the V680-D[]KF68. Read/Write Antennas and ID Tags with excellent environmental resistance.